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A blog is a series of articles, posts and written compilation made available either privately or publicly in the Net. The writer of the blog is called a blogger. And the content of the blog is called a blog post or an entry. The act of updating your blog is blogging. The term ‘blog’ comes from the contracted form of the words ‘web blog.’ This is a new trend in self-expression and journal writing on the internet.

Typically, a blog may have have text, photos, other visuals, video, audio and links to other sites. It may generally have one focal topic or a common area of interest. One writes a blog in conversation form, as if the blogger is talking to the reader. Some blogs have feedback options where the reader can leave comments about the blog.

What are the benefits of blogging? Blogging is a form of self-expression. And with the use of proper wordings, blogs can also influence people and affect the way they behave and act. If you commit to constant updates of your blog, you will learn discipline and proper time management. On top of all of these, blogging can also earn you extra income.

Follow these easy steps to start a blog:

1. Choose a blogging site to post your blogs at. There are plenty of free blogging providers out there that can suit your fancy. You may try out Xanga, WordPress.com, LiveJournal.com and Blogger.com among others. These blogging sites also offer pre-designed templates that you can choose from to use as your blog’s look.

2. You may personalize your blogsite with custom tabs, buttons, images, chalkboards, message boards, and even music to represent your personality.

3. Write a blog and post it to test how it will look wit the total layout of your site.

4. Select your privacy settings. Decide if you want your blog to be openly viewed by the public or if you want to limit the access to select people.

5. Visit other blogs and create a network of your blog circle. Get ideas from the good blogs and work them in your own. Make sure that you leave a reference of your own blogsite in the blogs you visit.

6. Now you are ready to publish your blog. You can send your friends a link to your blog or you can post it on social networking sites.

These are the steps to start your way into blogging.

About the Author: Chiropractic Marketing Expert, Dr. Chris A. Hawn is an author and online entrepreneur. He is a consultant and chief contributor to RBraintrust.com. If you want to jump-start your small business, attract the right clients and generate more referrals, contact Dr. Chris Hawn today. He can be reached at chris@chrishawn.com

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