A Surefire Way to Make New Connections Last!

Follow Up Consistently by Creating a Master Plan

All too often new connections fall by the wayside because there’s no follow up plan.  And, the reason is extremely common. We get busy and forget.

Don’t let all that hard networking go to waste! Make sure that you follow up with new connections by creating a master plan.

The plan doesn’t have to be complicated. But, it should  be customized for different marketing situations. For instance, you can decide how you will follow up after you’ve had lunch with a potential client, or after you’ve met a prospect at a networking event. What will you do after the encounter? How soon will you contact that person again?

Depending on the situation, you can answer these questions and begin formulating your plan.

Here’s what a typical follow up time frame may look like.

Send a thank you note. Immediately.
Send a follow up article about something you discussed. 7-10 days later.
Send an invitation to a business seminar or presentation.. 1 month later.
Send an e-mail about something of interest. 1-2 months later.
Call to check in or “ping” to stay in touch. 3 months later.
Send another article of interest. 4 months later.
Invite to lunch. 3-5 months later.
Send a personalized card for a milestone or holiday. As appropriate.

The key to developing a successful follow up plan is to identify the most common marketing situations in which you want to improve. Tailor your actions and time frames to suit your potential clients and then IMPLEMENT the plan!

Don’t fail to follow up. Make your new connections count and last!

Adapted from article A Surefire Way to Make New Connections LAST! posted by Martha Newman

About the Author: Chiropractic Marketing Expert, Dr. Chris A. Hawn is an author and online entrepreneur. He is a consultant and chief contributor to RBraintrust.com. If you want to jump-start your small business, attract the right clients and generate more referrals, contact Dr. Chris Hawn today. He can be reached at chris@chrishawn.com

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