8 Ways to Boost Your Personal Relationship with Your Website Visitors

Having a  business website, and maybe even steady traffic, is one thing. But, getting business from that traffic is a whole different story.

To get new clients online, you must create personal relationships with the people who visit your site.


Start by taking advantage of the power of the Internet and your own good writing!

Here are eight ways to get started.

1. Use images.

Post photos of your employees and your business. This helps visitors feel more like they know you and your staff.

2. Upload video and audio clips.

Add audio clips of you speaking about your services. Make sure you relate to your visitors’ problems – and share the benefits of your services, instead of listing the features.

3. Educate your audience.

We all like learning new things. Help clients like you more by providing them with useful articles instead of trying to sell them something.

4. Share other viewpoints.

Showcase your generosity by providing visitors with other people’s articles and links to pertinent Websites. You may also want to post different comments and viewpoints from the visitors themselves. This helps clients know that you’re in the business of serving them and that you take their opinions seriously.

5. Clarify your Call to Action

Define any confusing industry terms in your copy. Let them know exactly what action you want them to take. People respond better to clear instructions. When people feel comfortable with their online experience, they’re more willing to give you business.

6. Be an expert!

Don’t let people choose between you and your competitors. Let them know that you’re the only one who can help them. Write articles, create presentations, and demonstrate your expertise.

7. Be genuine.

When writing your Website content, direct your message to one person who represents your target audience. Speak to him or her from the heart. Personalize your marketing e-mails by using people’s first names and other personal information such as a signature or graphic image.

8. Stay in touch.

Don’t let your visitors come and go. Make every effort to get them to give you their first name and e-mail address by offering them a free e-book or report. Stay in touch with prospective clients by sending them a regular e-newsletter with useful tips and friendly updates about your company.

Remember, online visitors can’t look you in the eye and shake your hand. Use multimedia and some dynamic writing to let your Website audience get to know the real you. Be human! Most of us are more eager to buy from companies or people whom we feel we like, know and trust.

Adapted from article 10 Easy Ideas to Woo Your Target Audience Online by Jen Blackert.

About the Author: Chiropractic Marketing Expert, Dr. Chris A. Hawn is an author and online entrepreneur. He is a consultant and chief contributor to RBraintrust.com. If you want to jump-start your small business, attract the right clients and generate more referrals, contact Dr. Chris Hawn today. He can be reached at chris@chrishawn.com

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