5 Ways to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy – Video Marketing Can Be the Easiest Way to Promote and Create Instant Connections

Video Marketing Strategy

Do you have a website up and running, maybe even a specialty blog too, but find that business is still waning?

It may be time to start thinking about adding VIDEO to your homepage!

Believe it or not, more  businesses around the world are making video one of their “go to” marketing tools. They’re a cinch to produce. They’re easy on the budget. And, they’re one of the most effective ways to promote and connect with a market.

Want to know more?

Here are five ways you can use video to get your business message to the masses.

1. Promote your brand.

Create a short, 60-second snapshot using something as simple as a Flip video camera and begin capturing the essence of your business. Make sure visitors come away from your site with a main message about the company. Also, be sure to supplement the video with written content throughout the site that supports that message. Case studies, photos, and graphics are a nice touch too.

2. Showcase your Talent.

Clients don’t want to hire a business, they want talented  individuals to work with and for them.

Showcase the aspects of providing the benefits in your business with videos of the  personnel themselves. Videos allow clients to begin building relationships with professionals even before they meet face-to-face.

3. Share experiences.

When you give lectures or participate in roundtable discussions, why not share those experiences through video? This can be a great way to show that your business is connected to the community. It also shows that you are extremely knowledgeable on industry-specific topics.

4. Try video blogging.

Video has the power to enhance a blogger’s personality as it tells visitors much more about YOU than plain text. Instead of writing a standard blog post, consider video blogging, or vlogging. It can be less time-consuming and it allows you to get more information out to your followers – without writer’s block.

5. Include your clients.

Reach out to your clients and ask if they would be willing to record a short video testimonials about their experiences with you or your business. Have them talk about their working relationship with the businesses, the trust they place in you, and the loyalty they have received in return.  You can also create a montage of several clients discussing the businesses accolades, or one with a client and  you talking about your working relationship.

With video, your marketing opportunities are limitless!

And, once you’ve started using video on your Website or blog – you’ll be ready for the next step: learning how to brand yourself on YouTube.

Adapted from article Five Ways to Use Video on Your Businesses’s Website by Terry Isner.

About the Author: Chiropractic Marketing Expert, Dr. Chris A. Hawn is an author and online entrepreneur. He is a consultant and chief contributor to RBraintrust.com. If you want to jump-start your small business, attract the right clients and generate more referrals, contact Dr. Chris Hawn today. He can be reached at chris@chrishawn.com

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